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Running Out of Time Climate Baton passed at Ambition Lawrence Weston turbine

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Today (July the 4th 2023), the Running Out of Time Climate Baton was carried 8.8 km from The Wave Bristol, which is powered by it's own solar and energy storage array, to the Ambition Lawrence Weston turbine in Avonmouth.

Against the backdrop of the impressive structure, the runner was met by members of the Ambition Community Energy team, City of Bristol representative Kye Dudd, and officials from the West of England Combined Authority. The event also attracted journalists from BBC Points West and Bristol 24/7.

Ambition Community Energy team member Rowan Messer, along with members of Vegan Runners UK, then carried the baton 10 km to the next stage of the relay, Lodway Football Club.

Ambition Community Energy were delighted to have their turbine featured in the relay, and hope that it highlighted the vital role that clean and sustainable energy plays in combating climate change and reducing carbon emissions, as well as the benefits this can bring to local communities.

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